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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureMarch's snippets are ready!

This time around, we've got a round up of math designed to amaze and surprise you!

@LucasVB is the designer behind some of the most amazing math-related graphics I've ever seen. You can see some of his amazing work at his tumblr site, and even more at his Wikimedia Commons gallery. Even if you don't understand the mathematics or physics behind any given diagram, they're still enjoyable, and may even prompt your curiosity.

• Just recently, @preshtalwalkar of the Mind Your Decisions blog posted an examination of the classic four knights puzzle. Read the post up to the answer, and then try playing it yourself in my 2011 post on the same puzzle. It's a challenging puzzle, until the simple principle behind it becomes clear. Once you understand the principle behind the four knights puzzle, see if you can use it to work out the method for the Penny Star Puzzle.

• Our old friend @CardColm is back with more math-based playing-card sneakiness! In his newest Postage Stamp Issue post, he presents a sneaky puzzle that you can almost always win. After shuffling cards, the challenge is to cut off a portion of cards, and see how many of the numbers from 1 to 30 you can make using just the values of those cards. It seems very fair and above-board, but the math behind it allows you to win almost every time!

• About a year ago, @Lifehacker had a post about measuring your feet and hands to measure distances accurately without needing a ruler, which was based on this quota.com reply. To take this a step farther, I recently learned you can even judge far-off distances and even angles using just your fist and thumb! This is one of those tricks that can be handy and even impressive at the right moment.

That's all for this month's snippets, but it's plenty to explore and discover, so have fun with these links!

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