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LinksThis edition of Snippets returns to the original idea, where the posts are just a good mix of links.

• Breaking the previous record of computing Pi to 1.24 trillion digits, a team of researchers at the University of Tsukuba Center for Computational Sciences has computed Pi to 2,576,980,377,524th decimal places! True, “only” the first 10 billion digits are available on the web, but considering that 40 digits of Pi is enough to work out the diameter of a universe-sized circle to the nearest proton, that should be adequate for most purposes.

• Here's an interesting logic game - Red Remover. The object is to remove all the red shapes without letting any of the green shapes fall off the screen. The realistic simulation of gravity makes this an interesting challenge. Fortunately, the first few levels walk you through the concept, so you can quickly learn the game.

• Howcast recently posted a video full of handy tips for helping improve your memory. These tips aren't the standard memory techniques, but rather ways to improve your brain's physical ability to retain memories:

• Think you don't have time to exercise your brain with puzzles as suggested in the above video? Then you can make time by using Mind Trainer Toilet Paper!

• Just for fun, here's a different kind of Snipets (notice the different spelling). This was a short segment played in the afternoon during commercials on Field Communications affiliates which taught kids about dealing with different kinds of people. Except for the name, this really doesn't have anything with Grey Matters' usual topics, but I thought it would be interesting.

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