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brainIt's been too long since my last list of free online memory tools, so it's time for an update.

JogLab: You've probably heard of devices such as My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets for the order of the planets. You may have even wished there were such a handy mnemonic for some other topic.

Joglab, which doesn't even require registration is a free online tool that helps you create mnemonics for just about any list of which you can conceive. It's hard to describe, but the video below shows its use in detail:

In short, the basic idea is similar to the Mnemonicizer in my Free Memory Tools From . . . NASA?!? post, but taken to another level!

Acronym Finder: This service of the Free Dictionary makes a good companion to JogLab, in that you can often find out if there's established acronyms for what you're studying.

Mnemonic Dictionary: Besides giving definitions and synonyms like a regular dictionary, the words in this dictionary also include mnemonics to help remember the meaning. You can even sign up for a free account, build word lists, and play word games to help reinforce their meaning in your mind!

Mnemonic Generator: Do you have a 4-digit code, such as a PIN, that you need to remember? This site will take your 4-digit number and generate a phrase to help you remember it. The number of letters in each word will remind you of a number in your code, although there will be some exceptions to this rule, such as the words “nun”, “whole;nun”, or “holy;nun” to help you remember zero. For example, the number 5327 returned, “slimy bum ex husband” (among others). “slimy” has 5 letters, so it will remind you of 5, “bum” has 3 letters, and so on. The phrases are random, so you can keep clicking the Go button for the same number until you find something you like.

PhoneSpell: Speaking of making numbers easier to remember, how about making your phone number easier to remember for others by turning it into a dial-able phrase? For you Nintendo Wii users, you can also convert your 16-digit friend code.

Verbatim Text Tool: I've mentioned this page before, but it deserves another mention. If you need to memorize something verbatim, such as a script, poem or speech, this page features a tool that strips all but the first letter of each word from the text you enter. The challenge is to then recall the work word-for-word, cued only by those first letters. Combined with the line-by-line approach from How To Memorize a Poem, this could make memorization of verbatim text quicker, easier and more fun than you may have previously thought possible.

Do you have any favorite free online memorization tools I missed? Let me know about them in the comments section!

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Nice list! Another online mnemonic generator is Rememberg.com for remembering numbers.

Keep up the nice work.