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BrainGood news, flashcard fans – more sites are ready and willing to help you learn for free!

Cramberry: OK, I hate the name, mainly because it was used as a derogatory nickname during high school. However, once past that hurdle, Cramberry's main strength is the simplicity of creating cards. Instead of fancy codes or other tricks, the entry is done via a simple two-line interface. Need to study on the go? You can use Flash-Me on your iPhone/iPod Touch to study on the go (although Flash-Me is an inexpensive paid program). Both Cramberry and Flash-Me also offer a variety of ways to study your flashcards as well.

Study Stack: Study Stack has a good following and probably the largest library of the flashcard programs in this entry. Besides the standard approaches to flashcard testing, you also can test yourself with specialized versions of hangman, crosswords and more! While Study Stack doesn't have a specialized iPhone version, you can export the flashcard information in a more generic form to study on many phones, PDAs and even your iPod.

Smart.fm: Smart.fm is unusual in a couple of ways. First, you don't even have to sign up, if you want to. You can create and test yourself on cards right away. However, if you want to do things like track your progress, you will have to create a free account. Smart.fm's other unusual aspect is the focus on lists. Instead of focusing on individual cards, the items in the list interrelate during testing, in tests such as the A-or-B quick choose game, the iKnow multiple choice tool and the Dictation Trainer, where you have to list all the items as fast as you can.

Cramberry and Smart.fm both have free tours available to give a better idea of the experience you can expect while using them. Check them out and start learning more now!

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