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LinksIt's time again for some quick snippets, and this time, the theme is memory videos!

• I'm not sure how I missed it when it first aired, but back in March of 2008, Harry Lorayne appeared on FOX & Friends with host Greg Kelly, in order to promote his then-newly-released book, Ageless Memory. He gives some excellent tips for remembering people's names (with a video segment from earlier in the same show that demonstrates how essential this skill can be). Harry even tests Greg Kelly's ability to memorize a list of 10 random items! Check it out below:

• Speaking of memory improvement, I've updated the Grey Matters Miro Channel (learn more about the Grey Matters Miro Channel here) to include the BBC documentary, How To Improve Your Memory, which I first mentioned last November. You can still watch it online, but Miro makes it easier to watch at your own pace, and even save it to your computer, if you so desire.

• In this video from the show, “Wanna Bet?”, young 10-year-old Christian Kalinowski, already a regular competitor in memory competitions, demonstrates his skill at remembering names by meeting an entire audience of 400 people. When it comes time to demonstrate his skill, the hosts select 50 people from the audience at random, and then a group of 10 from those 50. Christian's challenge is to name all 10 of these selected people. He says he can do it. Wanna bet?

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