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Pittsburgh Steelers helmetCongratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their Super Bowl XLIII win! Now that you've enjoyed other people challenging themselves in the Super Bowl, why not use the Super Bowl to challenge yourself?

Don't worry, you won't need any padding, because these challenges are not physical, but mental!

I'll start slow. How about starting with Super Bowls that never happened? Can you name all of the Tecmo Super Bowl Starting QBs in 6 minutes or less? OK, you were probably expecting questions about the real Super Bowl, not Tecmo Super Bowl. So, within 1 minute, how about trying to name the 5 football teams that have never been in the Super Bowl?

Of course, there are also NFL teams that have gone to the Super Bowl, but haven't been in a long time. In only 2 minutes, can you name the 15 teams with the longest Super Bowl “droughts”? Speaking of just being at Super Bowls, how many of the Super Bowl stadiums can you recall?

Naturally, it's an honor just to play at the Super Bowl, but the winners are more often remembered than the losers. Probably one of the most challenging Super Bowl questions would be to name as many of the losing team's coaches in Super Bowl history as you can.

OK, I've held them back long enough. Let's get to the winners! You can challenge yourself to name the Super Bowl winners at Can You Name? in 3 minutes, but if you prefer more time, try Sporcle's 10-minute version.

Even among the Super Bowl winners, there's are even more exclusive clubs. The first very exclusive club is the Super Bowl MVPs, a title which only awarded 43 times. How many Super Bowl MVPs can you name in 7 minutes? An even more exclusive club is the 10 Super Bowl Quarterbacks who have started in 2 or more Super Bowls, which you're challenged to name in 2 minutes.

Practice these, and you'll be able to amaze people with your knowledge of Super Bowl trivia throughout this week!

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