150 Digits of Pi Quiz

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PiSporcle has gone and done it!

They've taken my well known love of timed quizzes and my love of all things Pi and combined them.

Just yesterday, they posted their 150 digits of Pi timed quiz. You have 5 minutes to type in those 150 digits after the decimal point. As an added challenge, you're only allowed to make 5 mistakes in your typing. Once you've made your 5th mistake, the quiz ends. This is also done to prevent people from quickly just typing the numbers 0-9 quickly to fill each post.

For anyone who has learned and practiced my 400 Digits of Pi feat, this should be no problem. To go through it, just think to yourself A1, then type the digits at A1, think A2, and so on. When you get to A10, start on the next row with B1, and continue from there. 150 digits will take you up to the first 2 digits of D8.

As of this writing, more than 14,300 people have taken the quiz, but fewer than 90 people have managed to get all 150 right, so you can be part of a very select group!

At first, try and push yourself to just get all 150 digits. The next time you take it, try and get all 150 digits with no mistakes. Finally, just for fun, if you do manage to type in 140 digits or so, and you find yourself with around 2 minutes left, try and finish with exactly 1 minute and 46 seconds left. That way, you'll honestly be able to say you completed the pi quiz in exactly 3:14!

In the comments section, they've already had requests for similar quizzes about e an i. While e could be interesting, an i quiz might prove too difficult to be fun (or to program, for that matter).

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