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MirabillMirabill is Dr. Bill Cushman's take on Stewart James' classic routine, Miraskill. Miraskill is a baffling classic of magic that uses a shuffled deck of playing cards that are freely shuffled, yet still allows you to make an accurate prediction of the outcome.

Most people's first exposure to Miraskill is either from someone performing it for them, or learning it from Scarne on Card Tricks. Scarne's version is one of the earliest attempts to remove the required sleights from the routine, and the version is still used by many. However, many magicians have longed for a version that was cleaner than the Scarne approach.

Usually, when sleights are removed from a trick, the additional procedures that are created tend to complicate the routine, and often weaken the effect for the audience. However, the Mirabill version actually manages to keep your hands completely away from the deck at the point where the original required some sleights.

This new approach is so simple to understand that it only takes two pages this nine-page ebook. The rest of the pages describe variations on the basic presentation, the psychological factors that make it work, and the various credits and references that provide valuable other ideas.

While the booklet itself stops there, the ideas don't! Mirabill's seems to have sparked a renewed interest in Mirakill, and many ideas were quickly suggest to Bill Cushman. As a result, purchasers also receive, at no extra charge, the Mirabill Supplement, which gathers these new ideas together. The ideas explore the use of the routine as a lead-in, increasing the fairness of the procedure in the spectator's eyes, and ways to apply Deddy Corbuzier's Free Will principle to Mirabill (whether or not you're familiar with it, the Free Will section is a true treat!).

Mirabill is available as a downloadable ebook from Outlaw Effects for US$15, and includes the free Mirabill Supplement. While many will question whether this is worth it for a handling of a classic routine, I've found the thought and the teaching in Mirabill to be far more valuable than the price they're charging.

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