Now Available: 2009 Day For Any Date Calendar

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2009 Day for Any Date CalendarOne of the most popular items over at the Grey Matters Store is updated and ready for 2009!

The classic method for the Day of the Week For Any Date feat involves memory and math, and many people don't have the time required to master and practice this method. If you've ever wanted to perform this feat, but wished there was an easier way, now there is!

The 2009 Day For Any Date Calendar makes this classic feat easy for any date in 2009. While it can be used as a completely normal calendar, which features a collection of great photos of world landmarks, this calendar is also specially constructed to secretly communicate all the information you need to name the day of the week for any given date in 2009.

How effective is this calendar? Luke Jermay is known among magicians for the originality of his numerous magic books and videos, and will be familiar to the general public a magic consultant to Derren Brown's Mind Control and Criss Angel's Mindfreak. Just listen to what Luke Jermay wrote about this calendar on the MagicBunny forums (registration required):

“I have hanging in my house Scott Cram's brillant little calendar . . . and often use this, too.”
My 2009 Day For Any Date Calendar is simple to master, so you can focus on presentation. The included instruction book details 3 different ways to obtain the secret information you need, to help hide the method more effectively.

On the 2009 Day For Any Date Calendar's description page, you can get a closer look at every month by clicking on the [1] after View Larger Products. Here, for example, is what January 2009 looks like:

The calendar, when closed, measures 8.5 by 11 inches, and is wire-bound, printed on 100 lb text weight high gloss paper. It comes complete with the 5-page instruction booklet, detailing the method, and various presentations, all for only $24.95, plus applicable shipping and handling.

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