MemoryEffects.PDF updated!

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BrainI've just finished updating my list of memory-related resources!

If you're not familiar with my MemoryEffects.PDF file (link downloads in new window), it's a project I first posted back in April, 2005. While it was relatively easy to find routines using certain sleights or certain props, memory-related routines proved to be elusive.

I finally decided to create my own list of memory-related routines as I found them. When I started, the document contained only 10 pages. The latest update brings it up to over 57 pages! In this list, you'll learn where to find legitimate and fake memory demonstrations, magic routines that secretly make use of memory, and other articles related to memory and performances.

Most of the current updates are thanks to routines I discovered in the Ask Alexander archive. One unique aspect of this update is that you'll now be able to find the latest version of MemoryEffects at scribd.com! Thanks to scribd.com, if you prefer not to download PDF files, you can download in Microsoft Word format, plain text or even as an MP3 (Although I don't recommend the MP3 version)!

There's two other advantages to posting the list this way. First, I can have the document itself available right here in the post:

...and, second, I can even give you the code to post it on your blog or website, if you wish:

If you have any additions that aren't in the list, please let me know, and I'll include them in the next update!

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