Magical Memory Routines

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Question MarkI've noticed numerous new memory-related magic routines coming down the pipeline, and I thought I would share them with you.

Bob Miller, besides performing memory routines such as recalling the names of his audience members, also teaches memory techniques. His Memory Magic CD-ROMs have been featured on his site for some time.

However, Bob has just added something of great interest to Grey Matters readers. It's called BAM!: The Complete Course to the Borrowed and Memorized Deck. In this booklet, he teaches the Major and Journey systems, both of which are taught by numerous others. However, the difference with Bob's work is that you're doing the memorizing during the course of 2 other magic routines. You can also build your confidence by doing routines that require the memorization of only 5 cards, and then building to 10, then 26 and finally all 52 cards.

Another cool item is Jack Kent Tillar's Memory Pill Act. This is a 4-part act in which a pill apparently gives you a giant memory. There are several bonus memory feats included, as well.

While I'm discussing Jack Kent Tillar's work, I should explain who he is for those not familiar with his work. Probably his most famous original creation would be the now-classic blister effect, which has spawned numerous variations, often without the proper crediting to him. Fortunately, several well-known magicians are working to correct this oversight by contributing to Jack's new Blister Book. He also has made numerous other contributions to magic and mentalism.

One of the other contributions he has made is his book, The Memory Game: 7 Days to a Magical Memory. This is a week-long plan, requiring 35-40 minutes each day, that will improve your memory easily. Regular Grey Matters will find many of the techniques familiar, but there is also plenty that will be new for anyone. Just for fun, there are also 7 magical memory routines at the end that the reader can use to entertain their friends and family. As an added bonus, this book also includes the complete Memory Pill Act I mentioned earlier!

Besides being a wonderful course in and of itself, Jack also puts out a teaching guide and business plan for The Memory Game. This will show you how to make money hosting gatherings to teach memory techniques!

Lybrary.com recently added Thomas Harrington's The Magic of Memory to their shelves. This is a work that focuses on the Major System and several applications, and includes a mnemonic dictionary, which lists words that can be used as images for a given number.

Don't forget that Lybrary.com features an excellent memory and mnemonics section, including my own Train Your Brain and Entertain software!

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