New Math and Memory Feats

Published on Sunday, July 29, 2007 in , , , , ,

BrainIt's been too long since I've talked about the performing of actual math and memory feats!

Over at Madsen Blog, you can learn how to memorize the periodic table of the elements. This does need some qualifying. First, this technique focuses on only the most common 72 elements, neglecting the elements that have only been created briefly and viewed only in particle accelerators. Second, it only helps you remember in which column a particular element falls. If you are familiar with the peg system, you can memorize the periodic table of the elements in greater detail using this approach.

Moving from memory to math, Lindz's Blog shows you 6 ways to become a human calculator! Many of these feats have appeared here at one time or another, but both new and old readers will still enjoy these amazing math feats.

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