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Shock Memory GameJust recently, I've run across a fun site, whose spirit I absolutely love! It's called perpetualkid.com, and features items that help bring out the spirit of the kids in all of us.

That being the case, there's plenty of items of interest for Grey Matters readers there!

Remember the classic Simon game? The have a unique twist on the game called Shocking Memory. As you may have guessed by the title, you must repeat the exact sequence of lights, or you get a mild shock to your fingers!

Looking for just the right fun attitude to present those amazing math feats? Perhaps a Robot Calculator would help!

Imagine opening a routine by holding up an impressively thick book and saying, "I have memorized everything in this book!" Then, you open the book and reveal that the book is a holder for cards and poker chips! From here, you could do any sort of card memory feat you desire.

While on the subject of games, I shouldn't neglect to mention the chess set they carry, with a foldable board and both "frosted" and clear pieces. This would make an attractive and easily-carried set that would be perfect for the Knight's Tour.

There's plenty more on the site to stir your imagination, so take a look around and enjoy it!

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