Instantaneous Card Memory

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ScarbobniOver on MySpace, Scarboni has just posted an interesting psuedo-memory effect. It's called Instantaneous Card Memory, and uses only a single deck of cards.

Here's the description of the effect as he describes it:

Calling attention that deck is thoroughly mixed, performer gives it a GENUINE RIFFLE SHUFFLE and several straight cuts. Stating that to use the entire pack would lengthen the feat too much, the pack is turned face up and dealt into two piles, reds in one and blacks in the other. Performer takes the two packets face down on hands and gives spectator free choice and the packet remaining is dropped in pocket out of way. He stands in full view while spectator cuts packet several times and then calls out the order of the cards from top to bottom, back to face. Then, to avert any suspicion of confederacy or signal, performer goes into another room or out of sight. Immediately he calls order of cards correctly through packet, can repeat them back-wards if wished and as a conclusion names card at any number called or the position of any card named.
It's an interesting effect, and is almost self-working. It's definitely worth checking out.

I've included it in my most recent MemoryEffects.pdf update (link opens a new window), as well.

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