TYBE: Now available from your favorite magic dealer(?)

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Train Your Brain and EntertainThe big news I promised in yesterday's post is now ready for release!

Have you been thinking about purchasing my Train Your Brain and Entertain memory training software, but have been hesitating due to the shipping charges or concerns about the security of the Grey Matters Online Store? I have an alternative for you now!

This is because both the Mac OS X version and the Windows version of my program are now available from Murphy's Magic Supplies!

Murphy's only sells wholesale, and not to the general public. However, almost every magic dealer orders from Murphy's, so you can most likely ask your favorite magic store to order it for you, just as with most other magic routines.

You can read the description of the Mac OS X version or the Windows version, if you aren't familiar with it. If you have the Flash plug-in installed in your browser, you can also see the Mac OS X slideshow and the Windows slideshow!

Update (5/25/06): My CD-ROM is already available through Hocus-Pocus Magic, where members can get US$5 off!

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