NEW: The Grey Matters Mental Gymnasium

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You've always been able to read about mental feats here at Grey Matters, so I figured it was start time you could both learn and practice some amazing mental feats for yourself.

That's why I'm proud to announce the Grey Matters Mental Gymnasium!

Currently, you can learn four different feats there. They are the Knight's Tour, creating a magic square, memorizing playing cards and calculating cube roots and fifth roots.

Except for the magic square, (which you can practice here), the site includes a “workout” area, in which you can practice these feats once you've learned them.

You can always find a link to it under the “Archives” section in the the left-hand column.

Technically speaking, the Grey Matters Mental Gymnasium is actually older than the Grey Matters blog itself. It has been up on the web since 1998, as my “Be A Genius* (*...or, just look like one)” site. You'll note that not only has the Mental Gymnasium been added to archives section, but that the “Be A Genius*” site is no longer in the External Links section.

I hope you enjoy the section. If you impress others (or even yourself!) with your new-found abilities, I'd like to hear about it in the comments!

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2 Response to NEW: The Grey Matters Mental Gymnasium

10:52 AM

I just learned the knight's tour on my lunch break, tried it on your training site, and did it, out of the gate. That's TOTALLY amazing (I'm speaking of your system, not myself. : ) )

I've been curious about the Knight's Tour for some time and am astounded at the ease of your system. Of course, it needs practice to make it at all interesting to watch, and I have to figure out a way to demonstrate it (since I don't have Ricky Jay's set), but I love the concept. Thanks for teaching me.

10:33 AM

Thank you for creating the instructions for the Knight's Tour. I've been fascinated for some time, but this is the first attempt I've made to learn it. I love it, though, and just completed my first knight's tour starting and ending on the same square. Too cool. What's left is reliability and some kind of presentation. And of course a way to show it, since I don't have Ricky Jay's set...