Grey Matters' 9th Blogiversary!

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Mehran Moghtadaei's Pi Digit Graphic135 years ago today, Albert Einstein was born. 9 years ago today, Grey Matters was born. Of course, today will always be Pi Day!

Welcome to a geeky, yet still special, day of the year that is close to my heart!

Vi Hart kicked things off with an anti-Pi rant. This might seem like a strange action to take on Pi Day, but she does it in her own inimitable style, and really does make some good points about Pi in the process:

Numberphile followed closely behind with some Pi-sinpired music, and then enlisted James Grime to talk about river lengths, and their amazing connection to Pi:

Here's the 1996 paper that inspired this claim, but there is a bit of controversy over this point. It's still an interesting concept to ponder, however.

The good people over at Plus Magazine have some great thoughts, posts, and even artwork all about Pi!

Speaking of Pi artwork, mathematical animator 1ucasvb created a new sine and cosine animation especially for Pi Day that is simple, yet informative. Lucasvb has more animations on that site (this one being a particular favorite), and even more over in his Wikimedia Commons gallery. Even if you don't understand all the math behind them, enjoy and explore the animations.

I'm off to celebrate Pi Day for now, but feel free to enjoy and post your Pi Day wishes in the comments!

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1 Response to Grey Matters' 9th Blogiversary!

9:34 AM

Happy anniversary! Keep the golden blog posts coming. I have learned a lot from your posts. Thank you!