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Matthew Bowden's photo of woman using laptopLately, some excellent free memory courses have been showing up on YouTube.

The price is right, and the techniques are quite useful, so in today's post, I'll show you where to find these free video memory courses.

The first course is about one of the toughest, yet most useful, things to memorize - numbers! AEMind's YouTube account features videos on many aspects of memory, mostly geared for memory competitions. Here's his first video on memorizing numbers:

The links to the whole series (as of this writing, anyway) are below:

How to Memorize Numbers Part 1
How to Memorize Numbers Part 2 | Pictures 0-9
How to Memorize Numbers Part 3 | Pictures 10-19
How to Memorize Numbers Part 4 | Pictures 20-29
How to Memorize Numbers Part 5 | Pictures 30-39
How to Memorize Numbers Part 6 | Pictures 40-49
How to Memorize Numbers Part 7 | Pictures 50-59
How to Memorize Numbers Part 8 | Pictures 60-69

You'll also be able to keep up with any newer videos in the series via my YouTube playlist, Memory Technique 5: Phonetic Peg (Major) System.

As I write this, AEMind is also beginning a series on remembering names and faces. This, of course, is one of the most useful, and most-requested, memory techniques. Below is the introductory video of the names and faces series, and you can keep up with future releases through my Memory Feat: Names and Faces YouTube playlist.

Our next course comes from Kerin Gedge from New Zealand. Kerin's course teaches how to memorize long texts word-for-word. He teaches it from the standpoint of memorizing Bible scripture, but the techniques are equally useful for memorizing scripts, music lyrics, speeches, and more. Below is the introductory video of the series:

Here's the complete list of Kerin's text-memorization videos:

How To Memorize: An Introduction
How To Memorize Part 2: The Verbal Technique
How To Memorize Part 3: More on the verbal technique
How To Memorize Part 4: Fusing the Verbal Techniques
How To Memorize Part 5: The Handwriting Technique
How To Memorize Part 6: The Typing Technique
How To Memorize Part 7: Fusing all the techniques
How To Memorize: Closing Statements
How To Memorize: Bonus Video

My Memory Techniques: Misc. Techniques playlist contains these and several other memory techniques that are not often covered.

If you're especially interested in memorizing long texts word-for-word, you also might want to check out my free web app, Vertbatim 2.

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Thanks for these. Memory is one of my favorite categories on your site. I'm trying to ramp up my memorizing, specifically names and faces, and this is great!