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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureJune snippets are here! This time around, I'm going to challenge you to learn at least one new thing.

• Let's start with your memory, and a video titled Upgrade Your Memory With Nelson Dellis & Fusion-io. It's one of the better introductions I've found to the Link System, the most basic of all memory systems. You can learn more about the Link System via the other videos in this playlist:

• I've mentioned documentary host James Burke numerous times on this blog, such as my Annotated James Burke post, and several times in my Iteration, Feedback, and Change series of posts. The documentaries mentioned there were made available thanks to YouTube user JamesBurkeWeb.

The JamesBurkeWeb posts are unfortunately, divided up into 10-minute segments, which some viewers can find tricky to play. Just recently, however, YouTube user JamesBurkeConnection has posted the Connections documentaries as full-length videos!

• If you want to learn to square 2-digit numbers in your head, I've posted numerous resources already on the site. But there's nothing wrong with trying out new resources, as they can sometimes provide an element that the others were missing. The June 8th podcast of Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips presented their approach, titled How to Square Two-Digit Numbers in Your Head. Give it a listen, and try it out!

• Maybe you're struggling with some much more complex math, such as the rules for derivatives. If so, two new posts from BetterExplained's calculus section may be of help. The first one is titled How To Understand Derivatives: The Product, Power & Chain Rules, and the other one is titled How To Understand Derivatives: The Quotient Rule, Exponents, and Logarithms. If you're already struggling with calculus, these posts are very helpful.

Some of these links can get into very detailed discussions, so try at least to learn about one of them, and save the others for later.

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