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Ron White Super MemoryIt's one thing to learn how to perform amazing mental feats, but it can also be very instructive to watch how others present their mental abilities.

For today's post, I've gathered some footage of some amazing math and memory demonstrations found on YouTube.

We'll start off with Ron White, "The Memory Guy". Why start with him? He's very generously posted and linked my work on memorizing US state flags and 400 Digits of Pi. Here's his appearance on Stan Lee's Superhumans:

Just a few days ago, he posted an excellent article on mind mapping that I highly recommend.

Also from his own segment on Stan Lee's Superhumans, we have human calculator Scott Flansburg.

It is interesting how often people with these abilities are presented with a superhero-type atmosphere about them. Another human calculator, Ruediger Gamm of Germany, was on a show lomg before Stan Lee's Superhumans, called Extraordinary People. Notice it's also given a comic book style. Here's part 1 of that appearance:

...and here's part 2:

Think I'm kidding about the superhero presentation? Check out 20/20's report on Daniel Tammet's amazing mental abilities (View at link - embedding disabled).

Even with the exaggerated superhero allusions, note how different all these people are in their own style of presenting their abilities. That's the short yet fun lesson for the day.

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3:22 AM

Also check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xpr-FawqCI

Video of Simon Reinhards World Record performance in Speed Cards (21.9seconds to memorize the order of a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards)