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LinksIt's time for December snippets. Since we've been doing so many math-related posts lately, we're dedicating this edition to math goodies.

• If you like the math-related videos I've been posting lately, and still can't get your fill, check out bachelorsdegree.org's list, 20 Incredible TED Talks for Math Geeks. This list alone with keep your mind and eyes open for a while!

• If it's more math instruction videos for which you're looking, check out Math Vids, My Math Shortcuts, and Lazy Maths. Each of these sites has a good selection of instructional videos that will help you to learn how to handle various types of math problems more efficiently.

• The classic Penney Ante scam is usually done with three coin flips. If you want a real challenge, though, try doing Penney's Game with 4 coin flips, as described in this Wolfram Blog post. Unlike the Scam School video, the Wolfram Alpha Blog article doesn't provide a nice, neat system that automatically generates a better flip than a given one. Can you find such a system for 4 coin flips?

• Rounding out this edition of snippets, here's a freebie you can use for the entire next year: The 2011 “Lightning Calculation” Calendar! Each month, you'll learn new mental math skills. By the end of 2011, you'll have developed many amazing mathematical abilities! It's free as a downloadable PDF or for $17.60 as a pre-printed calendar from Lulu.com.

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