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Memory ToolsIf you haven't already checked out my Downloads and Feeds/Social Links pages already, now is a good time to do so.

Once you're familiar with the existing pages, it's time to check out the brand new Memory Tools/Techniques page!

I've often reviewed and talked about sites featuring memory tools and techniques, but going back through 5 years of posts can be somewhat laborious. So, I've taken the links containing free (yes, they're all FREE) online tools and techniques and posted them in this new page.

There are three main sections, covering three different approaches to memory. There's mnemonics (the use of memory hooks to link ideas together), spaced repetition (the use of scheduling flashcards for more effective learning), and spiral learning (learning new ideas in ever-increasing complexity).

The heading of each section is a link to a basic introduction of its respective memory approach. Each section has its tools and techniques, except for spaced repetition, since it's a single technique in and of itself.

The mnemonic tool section also has a subsection of online mnemonic encyclopedias, where you may be able to find mnemonics that others have created. The remaining tools are mainly mnemonic generators.

Under techniques, I've simply linked to my existing Memory Basics page over in the Mental Gym. I didn't see a need to simply duplicate those links.

I hope you find this new page useful. If you can think of any links to add to this page, please let me know about them in the comments.

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