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Chess KnightThe Knight's Tour lessons have long been a popular section of Grey Matters. Thanks to the efforts of the people at the Mind Magician site (formerly psychicscience.org), I've been able to add videos to the lessons over there!

There are two new videos, the first of which shows how to solve the standard Knight's Tour, and the second shows the advanced version, where you learn how to let someone choose the starting and ending squares.

The board used in these videos is also available online for free, and is a wonderful instructional tool

Here's the basic version, which has also been added to the Using The Patterns tab of the Knight's Tour lessons:

Once you've practiced that approach and are comfortable with it, you can then move on to the advanced Knight's Tour. This video can also be found in the Advanced tab of the Knight's Tour lessons:

Over on the new Downloads page, you'll find several versions of the Knight's Tour you can use to practice, including my Knight's Tour+ iPhone/iPod Touch app.

For those of you who enjoy practicing the Day of the Week For Any Date feat, Mind Magician also features an excellent tool for practicing this feat, as well as an alternate approach to determining the date.

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