Upcoming DVDs: Magic & Mentalism of Barrie Richardson

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Barrie Richardson DVD Volume 3This isn't today's full blog post. It's more of a quick note about an upcoming release that Grey Matters will be interested in. Another full post is coming later today.

L&L Publishing is offering a special pre-release price on their upcoming Barrie Richardson DVDs!

Barrie Richardson's two major works, Theatre of the Mind and Act Two, are already regarded as vital works in magic, mentalism and presentation.

Grey Matters readers already know of them because of not only the amazing math and memory feats contained within them, but also the skill and ingenuity in developing presentations that make an audience respond.

The contents of the DVDs are listed here, and you'll note that Volume 3 is called MENTAL AEROBICS: MEMORY AND METAPHOR. Yep - it's chock full of the kind of stuff we here at Grey Matters enjoy, like magic squares and memory feats.

Below is a video excerpt of Barrie performing Dollar Divination and Thoughts With Wings. Before you view it it, thought, I recommend reading the excellent post New Barrie Richardson DVDs: Pre-Review over at Mentalism Magazine, as it explains some very important points about the whole point of the DVDs.

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