Grey Matters' 5th Blogiversary!

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Pi5 years ago today, I created Grey Matters and put up its first post!

Let's take a look back first at each of the previous blogiversaries;
1st Blogiversary
2nd Blogiversary
3rd Blogiversary
4th Blogiversary

Please, take this opportunity to look through the site, and possibly discover something you didn't know before. After 5 years, this site has more to offer than it may appear at first glance. Start with perhaps the menu just under the logo, the featured content, or the navigation over in the rightmost column.

If you've gone through at least the blogiversary posts, then you've noticed we're big on Pi here at Grey Matters (just under 10% of the posts here have dealt with Pi in some way), which is why the blog was purposely started on Pi Day (and why I post as Pi Guy).

Update: On another blog, I've posted some goodies to celebrate both Pi Day and Albert Einstein's birthday.

Since there's so much celebrating going on, how about a special Pi Day magic trick? It's courtesy of James Grime and Brian Brushwood, and is happening on Twitter.

Now, believe it or not, even I have recently been created a twitter account, and you can follow me on Twitter here. If you want to be part of a real world record attempt, here's what you have to do to be part of it:

Rumor has it that the method to this will be revealed in a special edition of Scam School, scheduled to be posted later on tonight.

Speaking of Pi, and 5-year spans, many of us Pi fans are waiting for the “big one”, 5 years from now. On that day, Pi Day will fall on 3/14/15! A once-in-a-century chance to celebrate the ultimate Pi Day!

Are you doing anything to celebrate? Did you take part in the Pi Day Magic Trick? Perhaps you just have good blogiversary wishes for Grey Matters? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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2 Response to Grey Matters' 5th Blogiversary!

3:51 PM

Happy pi-versary and happy Pi-Day!

3:54 PM

Thanks, Fenway!