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Geek LogikA few years back, I reviewed the book Geek Logik, which broke everyday decisions down into mathematical equations.

To make the concept clearer, here's author Garth Sundem demonstrating it on Good Morning America in the days of the original book release:

Even in my original review, I sought easier ways to work through the equations than with the included calculator. Too often, the process of calculating one side of the equation, then calculating the other side of the equation, and then bringing back both results for the final division was too laborious to make the concept as fun and informative as it could be.

My initial solution, as you see in the original review, was to employ instacalc.

Now, Garth Sundem has gone that solution one better, and released 3 Geek Logik iPhone/iPod Touch apps! Just like the original book, they're divided into 3 categories: Geek Logik Careers (iTunes Link), Geek Logik Decisions (iTunes Link), and Geek Logik Love (iTunes Link).

As noted in the video above, these equations aren't merely whimsical creations, but based on actual studies. As you use these equations, you start to discover their real-world feel. The apps are no more likely to be used, now that the equations are simpler to perform.

How much simpler? The original Geek Logik book had an entire chapter that was a refresher on proper algebraic procedure. That's not needed with the apps, as all you have to do is provide the requested information, and the app will handle the math for you!

You start by selecting the question in which you're interested, such as "Should I call in sick?". For questions that require a number, such as age or number of recent missed work days, you tap the blank, and use the numeric keypad. For many of the items that require a rating from 1-10, the input is even simpler, employing a ruler, along which you drag a simple dot.

It's interesting to note that many of the equations have been updated and improved since the original book. Even if you don't strictly adhere to the advice of the results you get, it is interesting to use them as semi-objective input on the matters analyzed in these apps.

Beyond just getting answers, you can also easily share your results on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps you have a question you think should be part of the app? You can also submit your questions for possible inclusion in a future release.

I recommend the Geek Logik apps. However, if my recommendation alone isn't enough, try Geek Logik Lite (iTunes Link) for free, which lets you fully try out the process with 3 sample problems (links go to YouTube videos): "Do you have a snowball's chance in hell with her?", "Should you call in sick?", and "Should you wake up 5 minutes early?".

Disclaimer: Author Garth Sundem generously provided the Geek Logik Decisions app to me free of charge. Based on my experience with that app, I purchased the Geek Logik Careers and Geek Logik Love apps with my own money.

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Geek Logik is a Riot! I enjoyed all 3 versions, and hope they will come out with more in the future.