Yet Still More Quick Snippets

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LinksDecember is here, and so are this month's snippets!

• Last month, I talked about Game Theory in Popular Culture, and linked to the final scene of The Dark Knight as one example. Over at the Quantitative Peace blog, there's an excellent full analysis of this scene as it relates to game theory.

• Richard Wiseman, whom you may remember from his Quirkology work, has released a magic app called Telepath (iTunes Link). At first, it may seem like iSensor or iForce, but the fact that your spectayor picks up the iPhone instead of you will puzzle anyone who is wise to those other methods.

• The recently-mentioned Mind Your Decisions blog had a few problems lately, as noted here and here, but they seem to be fixed now. Presh has even found time to author two new game theory posts, both featuring fictional Charlies: Brown, from Peanuts, and Eppes, from Numb3rs.

• Over at Edu-tastic, they posted a list of the Top 50 Bloggers to Help You Study, Focus and Learn Better, and Grey Matters is the first blog mentioned in the Memory and Brain Training category! Grey Matters readers should definitely check out this list, as there are many great blogs you may not have known about before that you'll probably enjoy.

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