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Timed QuizzesThe most popular blog entry on Grey Matters, How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? has been the source of several milestones recently.

First, the total number of quizzes has now passed the 2,500 mark! That's more than 500 quizzes in just 3 months.

Since most of the quizzes on that list come from Sporcle, I predicted in that entry that we'd probably see Sporcle's quizzes alone pass the 2,000 mark about the time we reached 2,600 quizzes. Only yesterday, Sporcle posted their 2,000th quiz. How many quizzes were on the list when I posted the update that included that 2,000th quiz? The number was 2,569 quizzes! Not a bad estimation, eh?

Sporcle also reached another milestone shortly before their 2,000th quiz. They've just reached over 100 million games played! They observed this feat by posting a quiz concerning things with either hundred or million in their names.

The Timed Quizzes RSS Feed is about to hit its own milestone, as well. At this writing, it's a 964 KB file, and it won't be long before it 1 full megabyte! Even with the quiz names, links, tags, and other information, that's large for a text file.

With so many of these milestones coming so close together, it also has me thinking that the list itself needs to be redesigned, to improve its usefulness. Even with the recent addition of the droplist filter, I can see that more can be done to improve the ease of finding a quiz on a desired topic.

At this point, I'm still looking into the possibilities and have no definite plans. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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1:16 PM

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