Numb3rs' 100th Episode!

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Numb3rs7,636 Missing Persons, 2,260 Murders, 6 Unsolved Serial Killings, 100 Episodes - that's the tag that opened Numb3rs' 100th episode, which just aired this past Friday.

This episode picks up from the previous episode of Numb3rs, Fifth Man, in which Charlie's math leads to an FBI stakeout in which Don is injured by a man Charlie didn't expect via his pattern analysis. This leads Charlie to question whether he can really see beyond the math.

In Disturbed, the 100th episode, Charlie begins analyzing numerous (num3rous?) previous unsolved cases. This makes the FBI team wonder whether he's still grasping at straws after feeling responsible for Don's life, or whether he's really on to something.

If you haven't already seen the episode, here it is in full:

Need to catch up? Between Fancast's Numb3rs page and CBS' own Numb3rs videos, you should become well versed on at least the current season.

Naturally, CBS threw a 100th episode party for the stars.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see a show with such a strong math background make it this far. The nice thing is, you can delve into the mathematics of any show as deeply as you want. Redhawke's Running the Numb3rs site and Wolfram's The Math Behind Numb3rs site (and it's featured interactive demonstrations) are probably the two highest respected sites when it comes into delving into the principles discussed in the show. CBS' main Numb3rs page has even more links for Numb3rs fan, including their weekly math puzzle.

Congratulations to the Numb3rs team for making it to your 100th episode! Here's hoping that the show goes on and makes 100 more!

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2:17 PM

As far as I can tell, there's the man from Taxi, the X-Files Mulder look-alike and a guy who needs to reach for some shampoo for greasy hair before he ever reaches for a calculator.
The maths bloke is incapable of explaining things simply.
Instead of "Maybe these power cuts preceding a crime are not coincidence", he will start talking about a butterfly's wings or point at a garden sprinkler system and ask you to imagine it working in reverse time. He's completely hatstand.