Happy Mother's Day!

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Andrew Lloyd Webber's Premiere Collection EncoreToday being Mother's Day, I've spent more time making my mom's day special, but I would like to share with Grey Matters readers one of the things I did for her.

My mom used to have a VHS video that she enjoyed, titled Andrew Lloyd Webber's Premiere Collection Encore. It featured original music videos to many of Andrew Lloyd Webber's best-known songs. That video has long since disappeared, and we haven't been able to find a DVD of it anywhere. It's one of those things she enjoyed, but figured she'd never see again.

As it turns out, though, all of the videos from the Premiere Collection Encore video are available on YouTube! It took a little digging to find the original list, their order and all the videos on YouTube, but I managed to do it! She thought it was one of the best things I could've done for her on Mother's Day.

If you want to pick and choose the individual videos, you can click the link above. If you want to watch them in their original order, however, here they are (click side arrows to jump to the next or previous video):

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1:58 AM

Thanks for this. I was hunting for ALW's Premier Collection (not encore) but found this. With video - great