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LinksIt's time once again for snippets! BTW, if you've ever wondered what possessed me to use Snippets as a name for these brief entries, I was largely inspired by a series of PSAs that ran in the 1970s, called Snipets.

• Here's a free video that teaches you how to memorize 10 parts of the brain and their functions. It's taught with a sense of humor, and the teacher reminds me a little bit of Colin Mochrie, so the whole lesson is very fun. For an additional $4.99, you can purchase a PDF that will teach you 24 more parts of the brain, as well.

• Speaking of medical mnemonics, medical students and professionals will find the OPQRST mnemonic for patient interviews very handy.

• In my recent post about NASA's memory tools, I mentioned a tool for creating tools called the Mnemonicizer. There's a site called JogLab that takes this same idea into web 2.0 territory. You register for free, and you can create, save and share your own original mnemonics! This YouTube video tutorial will give you a better idea of just how to use this site.

• If you were interested by my previous post on learning Japanese, I've found a few inexpensive tools that can be of great help. First, there's the KanjiPictoGraphix series of products. As you can see from the example section, for each Kanji and Kana character, there is a cartoon that connects the shape with its meaning. For Mac OS X users, there's iKana and iKanji, which are software packages that go for roughly $40 separately, or more than 20% off as a bundle. They both teach Kanji and Kana in great detail, including writing, pronunciation, recognition and more!

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