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LinksI went through both July and August without posting any snippets! It's time to rectify that:

• Back in May, I wrote a post on approaches to memorizing the chemical elements. It seemd I missed one (probably much more than one, but I digress). Julianksy20's Googlepage on memorizing the periodic table of the elements is impressive! It focuses on the chunking approach, which focuses on smaller groups and what they have in common. No, you won't learn which element goes with which number, but you will be able to name them all if you pratice this method!

• If you haven't taken a look at the free memory software Anki since I first mentioned it back in February, you should take another look. Not only does it have features like Leitner's spaced learning approach and online synchronization of software, along with a list of features that's longer than my arm (or browser window, for that matter), but it's available for just about every platform for free! (OK, there's not an iPhone version, but there's always iFlipr for that.)

• Here's a toy just for pure fun: Doermann's perfect magic square creator (page is in both German and English). Enter any number from 23 to 100, and you'll get a perfect magic square. There's plenty more about magic squares on this blog, if you get curious.

• Finally, for those that have mastered the Day of the Week For Any Date feat, we have some inspiration. This page describing uses for online date calculators also might stir up some new ideas about how to present your date abilities. Some might think it would be too difficult to do some of things on this page in your head, such as calculating the difference between 2 dates, but Dr. Thomas Harrington's book, The Magic of Memory: Phonetic Mnemonics has simple approach for doing just that! As a matter of fact, it's even easier than the standard date feat!

There we go, the snippet drought has ended! Just don't let me go so long without another snippet entry, OK?

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