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LinksYep it's time again for some quick snippets!

• I've updated the Memory Effect list. If you're one of my regular readers, you might be wondering why I'm repeating news from earlier this month. Get ready to faint, because this is the second update this month! I've added so many new items, the list has jumped from 60 pages to 65 pages.

• Over at the Learned Pig Project, a magician's library accessible via free registration, they've posted the first two of Zufall's Memory Trix booklets, which were originally published in 1940. Up until now, these classic books have only been available via Lybrary.com or rare book dealers. The first booklet is titled Magazine Memorizing (as demonstrated by Jonathan Levit on this video), and the second booklet is titled Mental File Index, which deals with pre-memorizing long lists of facts, such as presidents, vice presidents, states, state capitals, the 100 largest cities, positions of letters in the alphabet and more! Although they haven't said so specifically, it's probable that they will eventually be posting all 6 books in the series.

• I've also updated the Memorized Deck Online Toolbox with new online tools and sites that will be of help to memorized deck users. As I come across more sites that are appropriate for it, I will keep this post updated.

Two snippets ago, I mentioned Werner Miller's Sey On. If you enjoyed that, he's explored the principle further in both J. O'Seph and Liar's Clock.

• Earlier this week, the number of quizzes in my How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? post passed the 300 mark! You can now access this list of timed quizzes in a multitude of ways, such as RSS Feed, OS X Dashboard widget, online blog widget (customizable!), and Listible text list (which can also be posted on your site or blog).

• Speaking of OS X Dashboard widgets, the free Knight's Tour Dashboard widget I released back in May has been posted over on Apple's site! It even made Apple's top 50 most-downloaded widget list for 3 days after it made its debut. It's also spread quickly to other sites, like MacUpdate, Softpedia and more.

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2 Response to More Quick Snippets

1:10 AM

The Learned Pig Project site's free registration has a test to make certain that you're a magician. I would like to read Zufall's bookelts.


10:32 PM

I have found the books themselves available inexpensively on other sites. Some sites have the books on sale for as little as 50 cents each!