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DocumentsIt's been a while since I've really talked about magic, and since a number of free magic online resources have become available, it seemed like a good time to come back to it.

Without further ado, here are the free goodies:

Maxime Nadeau's The Memorized Deck: This free PDF details two versions of a simulated memorized deck effect using simple sleight of hand, that's available. The effect is described in the PDF as follows:

Effect: The mentalist introduce a pack of playing cards, he is to show a proof of his incredible memorisation abilities. He hands the deck to a spectator which is requested to shuffle it at heart content. The mentalist takes the deck and spread it on the table, saying that he has photographic memory, whereby he can memorise the whole pack of cards and the position of each. The pack is handed back to the spectator and he is asked to say any number from 1 to 52. The volunteer replies the number 33. The mentalist concentrates and says that the card on the 33th position is the seven of clubs. The cards are dealt by the spectators, when the 33th card is reached, the spectator turns it over and indeed it is the seven of clubs.

W. S. Andrews' Magic Squares and Cubes: Andrews' book is a classic from 1917, detailing more than you ever thought about magic squares (and, yes, cubes). It's almost too overwhelming to describe, so just click the link and read the PDF for yourself!

MAGIC Magazine Electronic Index 1.6: MAGIC Magazine has had an electronic index available almost as long as they've had a website. For a long while, however, it only detailed the contents of issues through early 2004. After a long wait, they've finally updated it! It now details every article, news post, letter, trick, and feature up through October 2007! It can be used in just about any database software or office suite. If you don't already have an office suite for your system, you can get OpenOffice for free for just about any platform. Mac users can also download a version of OpenOffice that's specially designed to take advantage of OS X features, called NeoOffice.

As always, if you haven't seen the latest update of my Memory Effects PDF (March 14th, 2008), check it out and download it. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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