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Reader's DigestThe cover story of the March 2008 issue of Reader's Digest is an article featuring 20 quick tips to improve your memory!

The article itself, available for free online, is titled Retrain Your Brain: 20 Memory Techniques You'll Never Forget. These are some great, simple ideas you can use to remember things like people's names, where you left your glasses, to-do lists, website passwords, and words that are on the tip of your tongue.

The advice in the article comes from several well-known memory experts and authors, including Harry Lorayne (author of Ageless Memory: Secrets for Keeping Yourever Mind Young Forever), Gini Scott (author of 30 Days to a More Powerful Memory) and Carol Vorderman (author of Super Brain: 101 Easy Ways to a More Agile Mind). Who Remembers What? is an interesting sidebar article about the different nature of men's and women's memories.

In the past, Reader's Digest featured many other great articles on memory that are still available on their site. Beyond just standard memory techniques, there are some great ideas in Improve and Maintain Your Memory: 27 tricks to keep your brain in shape, such as listening to a book as you exercise, or snacking on grapes instead of cookies (yes, this really does help your memory!). Having trouble remembering people's names? Check out January 20008's article What's Your Name Again?.

If you prefer challenging your memory to just learning about it, try Memory Master. In this game, you're shown several pictures for a brief time. After that, you're shown twice as many pictures, and you have to remember which objects you were originally shown.

That's all for today's entry. Granted, this isn't one of my longer posts, but I figured that wouldn't be appropriate for an article about Reader's Digest.

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5:11 AM

link is broken for:
Improve and Maintain Your Memory: 27 tricks to keep your brain in shape

10:03 AM

Fortunately, there's a copy of the article stored in the Internet Archive, so I've changed the link to the archive version.

It's an article that's over 18 months old, so it's not surprising that it was removed from the original site.