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PiThe original Mental Gym section (formerly a website called “Be A Genius*”) featured two feats that I removed when I incorporated them into my Train Your Brain and Entertain software. After various e-mails inquiring about them, the 400 Digits of Pi and Day of the Week For Any Date lessons and quizzes are back, and for free!

The 400 Digits of Pi lessons show you how to remember the digits in and out of order. You can learn to do this in such detail that you can even give, say, the 237th digit when requested! To help get the links down, you can practice with the 400 Digit Pi quiz. Practice with the various tests, and you'll be a Pi expert in no time!

The Day of the Week For Any Date lessons are broken up into 4 bite-size lessons, so that you can learn this classic feat at your own pace. First, you learn how to adjust for the days and months, then the years, followed by special years and even other centuries! Finally, you can practice with the Day of the Week For Any Date quiz.

If you've worked with these before, I hope you'll enjoy having them back. If these sections are new to you, I hope you'll try them out and amaze your friends and family with your new-found skills.

While creating these new sections, I've also removed several dead links in the Mental Gym section and fixed some problems that were slowing down the site overall. This should make everything on here faster and easier to use.

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