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Philemon VanderbeckPhilemon Vanderbeck has a new school show called Arithemagic. As you might guess from the name, the focus is on present AND teaching math-based effects.

To get an idea of the show, I suggest checking out the video (play along!) and photo sections.

When performing his school show, Philemon also gives teachers NINE, the lecture notes for the effects taught in the show. These lecture notes are also available for purchase, for $9, of course. As far as the effects themselves go, most of them are classics of mathematical magic, and I've discussed many of them on this site, such as extracting cube roots and fifth roots or the Fibonacci addition trick.

A quick look at the table of contents (PDF) might lead one to think that the notes aren't worth purchasing just because they're classics. However, there are some gems here, such as Werner Miller's Swindle Sudoku, as well as some impressive presentations. NINE has a great presentation for the old 1089 trick. As a matter of fact, NINE and Hidden Numerical Forces are the only two resources I've ever found with engaging presentations for the 1089 trick.

It's great to see math and magic being presented in such a positive and fun way to school students. Teachers and school administrators from Washington state should especially check this site out, but that shouldn't stop others. Anyone interested in mathematical magic should check out this site, as well.

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