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Train Your Brain and EntertainToday, I have new of some updates to the Grey Matters Online Store for you.

First, the Back To School Special, originally slated to end on August 14th, has now been extended two moew weeks, to August 28th, 2006! As before, when purchasing anything over $50, simply enter the coupon code BTS2006, and you'll receive free shipping on your order!

I've also extended my Basic Blackjack Strategy line, which was originally introduced back in early July. The new line is for games with the following qualities:
* Played on the Las Vegas strip
* 6 decks are used
* Dealer stands on soft 17
* Doubling any 2 cards is allowed
* Doubling after a split is allowed
* Late surrender is allowed
* Hole card rule: Original bets only

As with any of the items in my Basic Blackjack strategy line, please remember that, as with all forms of gambling, there are no guarantees of returns that will result from using these charts. Any gain or loss is solely the user's responsibility.

More items in this line are being developed, as well.

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