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Magicforge is a great magic blog you should definitely check out. Besides the obvious value of the blog itself, and the card, coin and sponge ball articles, the site features a great tool called the Magic Blogospere Tracker.

The Magic Blogospere Tracker is a chart listing how recently various magic blogs have been updated. They are also color-coded as to their status. Red means that the blog hasn't posted in over a month, and is considered a "dead" blog. Amber means that the most recent post is dated between 7 and 30 days ago, so it is considered to be "sleeping". Blogs with a green status have posted in the last week, and are considered to be alive.

Interestingly, this blog started in the dead zone, and then moved to amber, despite regularly posting about twice a week. This was due largely to RSS feed problems on my end, which have now been resolved.

Also, keep an eye on the tracker itself, as a major re-working of the Magic Blogospere Tracker is expected later this week.

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