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Brain Power ClubI try to keep bringing you the latest news concerning fun mental feats, of course, but sometimes, looking through cobwebsites (sites that haven't been updated in a long time) can also yield some interesting treasures. It's not uncommon to go looking through the attic on a Sunday, only this Sunday, we're looking through the mental attic.

Over at still-updated Mind Sports Worldwide, they have a few sections that haven't been updated since about 2000 or 2001. The first part is the Brain Power Club section. The Brain Power Magazine is especially interesting. There were only 3 issues, but they were packed with information. A regular column in the magazine was called "Amazing Memory Stories", where you could learn about the historical memory feats of Euripides, Shereshevsky and Ireno Funes.

Among the other interesting articles in the Brain Power Magazine is an explanation of mind mapping and an article called “Belt Your Memory”, which explains a system similar to the one used in martial arts to rank your memory ability.

The site Remember Anything is a resource for articles about memory and speed reading that hasn't been updated in the past 6 months. There aren't many articles here, but the ones they do have are quite good. The “It all started when...” article reminds me of my own story of becoming interested in memory techniques. My favorite articles on this site also include “The Fundamentals of Memorization”, Part 1 and Part 2, as well as, “Children can Learn Multiplication in about an hour!”, which discusses an easy mnemonic approach to teaching the multiplication tables up to 10 times 10.

While it seems that Remember Anything and Brain Power Magazine barely got started before they stopped updating, that is most definitely not the case with Michael Tipper's Memory Improvement and Learning Information site. This site offers a wealth of information on memory training, mnemonics, great minds, amazing brain stories and even memory improvement book reviews. I'm not even going to mention specific articles on this site, because this is one of those sites that it's just fun to lose yourself in! I will mention that, even if you think you're done losing yourself in the site, don't forget to check out the feature articles for further reading.

I hope you have a pleasant day rummaging through this mental attic!

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