Seriously Simple Sums: Multiplication

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Seriously Simple Sums: MultiplicationYes, I already have another brain-sharpening book I want to share with you. However, this one is an eBook.

The name of the book is Seriously Simple Sums: Multiplication, and it is a 66-page ebook in PDF format. It focuses on the techniques of Vedic mathematics (which I've discussed before here, here and here), which greatly simply complex calculations to the point where you can do them in your head.

The ad above describes the book quite well, and doesn't make any promises it doesn't keep. I won't go into the chapters in detail, as the above link gives a complete listing. What I will tell you is that, for only $ 4.95, you're effectively getting the mathematical area of your brain super-charged. If you or someone you know is struggling with math, the value of this book is hard to beat.

As an added bonus, it is actually possible to get the book for free! The author has put up a brief posting showing how you to get this book for free!

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