Enter the World Memory Challenge!

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Even if you've never thought about competing in the World Memory Championships, about which I've written before, you may still wonder what it would be like, and how you would stack up. If so, I have great news for you!

Tony Buzan, founder of the World Memory Championships and the Buzan Centres, has created an ongoing online memory contest that anyone can enter as much as they wish. This contest is called the World Memory Challenge!

The challenge consists of at least 3 tests, more if the website determines you can handle further tests. The tests consist of things like memorizing the order of playing cards and other symbols, matching pairs of cards, and even matching names with faces. To get an idea of how the various challenges are presented, check out the online tutorial first.

A score is kept as you play, but you don't see it until you go as far as you can with the tests. The site lets you see your full ranking details if you enter your e-mail address. To compare your scores in various ways, the site also keeps track of constantly updated statistics, so you can see how you measure up against the average in your own country, against other countries, by gender, age and even occupation!

If, like me, you would be interested in seeing how well the average reader of Grey Matters does, please post your best scores in the comments! I'll keep my best score updated in my profile, for those who are interested.

Oh, and if you need any help improving on the tests, then simply spend more time reading this blog!

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