A Brief Memory

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Sometimes, memory techniques aren't the main secret behind an effect. They are, instead, an aid for one part of the trick. The routines I've found below are great examples of how mnemonics can help aid tricks for which you normally wouldn't consider them.

If you perform the "Anything Deck" from Paul Harris' Art of Astonishment books, Deep Astonishment or Deep Astonishment II: The Gypsy, then you'll be able to appreciate Rod’s Mnemonic System for “Deep Astonishment”. This is a simple mnemonic aid that, once practiced and employed properly, ensures that you'll never have to create suspicion by looking at the backs of the cards during the routine. Those who've used any of the above routines know what an advantage this can be.

Another offbeat use of simple mnemonics comes in Michael Lauck's solution for the "Of Precognition and Potatoheads" challenge, originally proposed at Visions, the Online Journal of the Art of Magic. In this amusing routine, you have someone take a new Mr. Potatohead out of the box, and put it together however they wish. Despite this freedom, you are able to demonstrate that you predicted the exact Mr. Potatohead they created!

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