A Question of Character

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Performing persona is often discussed as if it were just one more option to add to your act. The truth is that the lack of a consistent performing character creates a large gaping hole in the performance that is easily detected by the audience.

The reason is that any act is a communication to the audience. Without thought about what you're trying to communicate, you're sending unintended messages. Reknowned cellist Yo-yo Ma once said, "Sharing is a much better way of communicating than proving or showing off." To perform an act of sharing, you have to know what you have to share. You can read more about the importance of character in the essay, "A Lack of Character", by Richard Tenace.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to start evolving your character (I say evolving, because character development is never done). That simple way is by asking questions about who you are and what types of material you tend to perform. Here are a few sites with some great questions to get you started:

* Astonishment Site : Questions for Better Magic : Character

* Writing Fiction: Character Development

* Big Daddy Cool's 13 Character/Persona Questions

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