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In the Invisible Deck set-up, it's not difficult, with practice, to be able to determine which suits and values correspond to each other. The one difficulty that often arises, however, is the arrangement of the Kings, which don't follow the exact same pattern as the other cards. Many magicians have to double-check their thinking in order to make sure that the Invisible Deck is displayed to show the proper King at the finish.

I used to have difficulty with this myself, until I developed a handy mnemonic years ago that helped clarify what King was where. All you have to do is think of a king's robe. How does that help? Simple! R.O.B.E. is an acronym for "Red Odd, Black Even".

This means that in the standard Invisible Deck arrangement, you'll find the red Kings arranged with the odd cards, and the black Kings arranged with the even cards.

It's a simple mnemonic, and has helped me numerous times in performance. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

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2 Response to Invisible Deck Mnemonic

5:15 PM

i was given an I Deck and didnt know it. Then i found out what i had and arranged everything but didnt know where the K's went. this helped ALOT!


9:22 AM

Brilliant idea! I just performed ID for the first time in about a year and they went ahead and named the King of Spades. I had to do a quick deck reversal when I realised I had it wrong! This will save me in the future.