How to Impress Sudoku Fans

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SudokuWerner Miller is a retired teacher of mathematics, whose hobbies are recreational mathematics and magic. His unusual and amazing approach to magic squares were mentioned in this blog in June, 2005. Now, he's turned his attention to Sudoku.

Imagine the reaction you'll get when you have someone generate a random Sudoku puzzle, which you're able to solve in less than a minute! While you're getting credit for a staggering mental feat, it's actually much easier than it would otherwise seem, thanks to Mr. Miller's Swindle Sudoku. This ingenious routine would work well as an opener, as Werner Miller puts it, “to lay the foundations for your reputation as a mental prodigy”. It's also flexible enough to work on anything from a simple blank Sudoku grid on paper, to physical Sudoku boards, such as Rubik's Sudoku or this Deluxe Sudoku Game Board.

If you like Werner Miller's way of mathematical magic, you can also check out his other original effects at Online Visions, or buy his first collection of effects in English, called Ear-Marked.

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