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Train Your Brain and EntertainI've mentioned Lybrary.com numerous times, going back even as far as the second entry on this blog.

The news today is that Lybrary.com's Memory & Mnemonics section has a brand new addition - Train Your Brain and Entertain (TYBE)! What's the big deal about one more place to buy my memory training software?

Every magic store besides Lybrary.com, that carries TYBE, including the Grey Matters store, sells it as a CD-ROM. However, Lybrary.com is selling it as a download. Instead of waiting as many as 7-10 business days to receive the CD-ROM, you can buy it and start using it in just minutes! All the goodies are still included, including the Pi Chart, the 8400-year perpetual calendar and the PDF list of Memory Effects (click on this link to open a new window, to see today's updated list).

If you still prefer the TYBE CD-ROM, it is still available from the Grey Matters Store, and we're still featuring our Halloween sale for 3 more days!

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