Yet Again Still More Quick Snippets

Published on Sunday, August 27, 2017 in , , , , , , , , ,

Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureI apologize for the irregular posting over the past few months. I've had to deal with some personal issues (don't worry, everything is fine!). The good news is that, with this entry, everything should start returning to normal.

Having said that, let's dive into August's snippets!

James Grime and Katie Steckles made a video about a seemingly simple game:

First, if it's on Grey Matters, you know all is not always what it seems. Long-time fans of Grey Matters may remember this when I described it under the name Wythoff's Nim. It winds up having some very interesting math behind it. James went on to make a solo video explaining the mathematics behind it in more detail:

• We can't ignore Katie Steckles' game video after all that! Katie teaches 2 games (or does she?). The first one involves numbered fishes, and the second one involves cards with stars and moons on them:

It's a little bit surprising that these are actually the same game! Back in June's snippets, there was a multiplication version of this. Like this and Scam School's game of 15, they all go back to Tic-Tac-Toe. If you want to see some other interesting variations of this same idea, read Martin Gardner's Jam, Hot, and Other Games column.

• There's usually more than one way to use your knowledge. In my tutorial about mental division, I teach a simple method for mentally dividing the numbers 1 through 6 by 7. Presenting it as an exacting feat of mental division is one thing. How else could you present it? Take a look at how Scam School presents the same feat:

If you watch the full explanation, you'll notice another difference between the way I teach it and the way Brian teaches it. He puts emphasis on the last digit, which works well for performing the feat this way. In my version, I teach how to work out the first few digits, as you'll need those first when giving the answer verbally. This is a good lesson in the benefits of changing your point of view!