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Train Your Brain and EntertainHere's a few quick announcements about the Grey Matters Site itself:

* We're having a Halloween sale at the Grey Matters Store! For any purchase of $50 or more, you'll get a $10 discount - more than twice the standard shipping cost! To get this discount, simply place an order of $50 or more by October 18, 2006 and use the coupon code HLWN2006 during checkout.

* The search function has been removed from the rightmost column, and is now featured on its own page. The new search will search all of Grey Matters, and is powered by Google to make it thorough and easy to use.

* Even though the link isn't at the top any more, our affiliate program is still running! For more information, you can check the previous link, as well as the Make Money with Grey Matters! blog entry.

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