10 Flashcard Programs . . . For Free!

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BrainAbout a year ago, I pondered whether free flashcard memorization would be the killer app of 2007. OK, it wasn't the killer app of 2007, but there was plenty of development in that field. Since it's been a year, I figured now was a great time for an update on the free flashcard scene.

All the programs and sitess I list below employ the idea of spaced repetition that was first developed by Sebastian Leitner, which helps lock in the information for the long term.

Anki: This offline program is made to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Debian, with the Linux source code available. It's easy to add and edit cards, and it even charts your progress!

DingsBums: A Java-based offline, program, this unusually-named flashcard program is flexible and easy to use!

Flashcard Exchange: This is a huge site with over 6 million flashcards already. While it is free, if you pay an additional fee, it will employ Leitner's spaced-repetition.

Flashcard Friends: What do you get when you cross MySpace or Facebook with a flashcard site? This!

Fresh Memory: This is an offline, platform-independent program. You can not only test your knowledge via flashcards, but via multiple choice questions, as well.

Mnemosyne: Named after the Greek goddess of memory, this offline program that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X will support graphics, unicode (great for learning languages like Japanese or Arabic!), LaTeX (for mathematical formulas) and even three-sided cards!

Rememberize: This is a very straightforward flashcard site. There's few frills, but it will help you learn. There's a great tour of the site to help get you familiar with it.

Study Cell: If you have a Java-enabled cell phone, you can create quizzes and flashcards that will let you test yourself on the go!

Study Tag: On this free site, you organize facts into lessons, and lessons into complete courses. The best way to get an idea of this site is to take its free 6-part introductory course.

You Know The Drill: This is a free flashcard website that will allow you to quiz yourself on any type of information, but has tools specially geared towards languages.

If you're interested in more information on free flashcard software, check out my previous articles, Quizlet, 10 Online Memory Tools...For Free!, Review: Ebbinghaus 1.5 (Mac OS X), Create Free Flashcards and Quizzes, Free Flashcards Galore! and New Features at ProProfs!.

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16 Response to 10 Flashcard Programs . . . For Free!

2:50 AM

Thanks very much for this; it was helpful. :)

3:57 PM

And here is a free flashcard app for the iPhone.

8:53 PM

HW, you're welcome! I'm glad you found it helpful.

Joe, thanks for the heads up on iFlipr! I figured a full blog post on iFlipr would give people a better idea of it, though.

1:46 PM

Nice list! I just found a great addition to it which, imho, is better than most of the others for one reason: it's web-based.

Check it out at cramberry.net

10:11 PM

Great list! Here is another one - MyMentor

1:07 PM

last thing I want is web-based. I want a offline program which can be done with both pictures or text, and a quiz function,

1:20 AM

I'm interest in a flashcard program which I could upload audio files along with the cards I create. Do you know of any?

12:18 PM


Unfortunately, being free programs, these really don't support some desirable extra features, such as audio or video clips.

2:47 AM

These are great sites! I am the developer of a similar site called WordStash (http://wordstash.com). It combines flashcards with a dictionary and uses games and quizzing to help you learn.

8:00 PM

Thanks! I used Flashcard Exchange for a while but then I found some problems where changing pages made me lose my data, and retyping everything was frustrating. I'm looking to try out some of the offline ones.

12:59 AM

Cuecard supports audio and pictures, its a pretty good program.

6:01 AM

Here's the webpage for CueCard:


10:50 AM

Anki works like a charm! The new beta version of "ankidroid" (Anki for android on cell phones) even supports the zeemote stick and automatic reading with text to speach.

4:54 AM

gFlashcards is a free flash cards app for mac. I use it a lot. It's great. Also, the app have a website gflashcards.com for you to management your sets. Hope your guys like it too.

1:29 PM

I'd like to recommend "BrainTraineR" to you. It is a feature rich flash card application. Check out http://www.firstcode-software.de for more information.

10:39 AM

I use BrainThud for more comprehensive flashcards. It can handle huge blocks of text and images. Doesn't have support for audio or video though.